Su-Zen-Kai karate has three clubs in Jersey channel Island.  The first is located at Les Landes school St Ouen, the second at Sammares school St Clement and the third at Sensei Paul's online dojo via zoom where you can practce privately in the conveniencce of your own home.


All clubs are coached by 7th dan Paul Goggin (Sensei Paul) with assistant instructor Samantha Venticinque (Sempai Sam) 


We are members of NAKMAS, the National Association of Karate and Martial Schools.


Su-Zen-Kai karate operates under a strict child protection policy laid down by NAKMAS. Equal opportunities for all students no matter what age, gender, race or creed.


All instructors have full insurance and full CRB disclosures, a friendly positive approach with a well structured teaching syllabus.


Su-Zen-Kai was founded in September 1998 by sensei Paul and saw the opening of the first dojo at Les Landes school Jersey. A second dojo was opened in October 1999 at Sammares school Jersey. Where students from the age of 4 years and above enjoy practising karate.

Su-Zen-Kai is based on traditional karate and has been developed to adapt to modern, everyday life style.

Class times and venues

Les Landes school.......................Tuesday  19:00 - 20:00 p.m

Le Squez school..........................Thursday 19:00 - 20:45 p.m and  Sunday 10:00 - 12:00

Online dojo via zoom........................Wednesday 19:00 - 20:00

Paul Goggin:  7th dan. Certified Senior Instuctor, Grading Examiner, First Aider and Jersey junior team coach 2000 - 2003

Brief history of the founder

Paul Goggin began practicing karate in 1978 when the influence of the late Bruce Lee and the mystery of the martial arts was extremely strong with a vast amount of media attention. Paul has practiced the following karate styles: Wado Ryu,   Kenpo,  Hakken Nara Shukokai,  Ishin Ryu,  Su Ha Ri and Su-Zen-Kai


Paul holds a black belt for Ishin Ryu karate, Su Ha Ri karate and Su-Zen-Kai karate. He is highly regarded as one of the top instructors in the Channel Islands

Competition  and other Achievements

1983 Hakken Nara Shukokai National runner up Kata and Kumite

1984 J.A.K.A. open junior champion Kata and Kumite and team Kumite champion

1985 J.A.K.A. open senior runner up

1985 Ticky Donovan summer course kata runner up

1985 The first Jersey Ishin Ryu student to be graded 1st dan, ( by Sensei Ticky Donovan OBE)

1987 Jersey Ishin Ryu shield winner Kata

1987 Jersey Ishin Ryu shield winner Kumite

1987 J.A.K.A. open kata runner up

1987 J.A.K.A. open kumite 3rd place

1987 J.A.K.A. open  team kumite winner

Paul has represented Jersey on numerous occasions including the common wealth games in 1985

1993 Co founder and Instructor of Su Ha Ri karate

1999 Founder of Su-Zen-Kai karate

2000-2003 Jersey Junior karate team coach

2013 Su-Zen-Kai hosted the first ever Sensei Peter Manning 7thDan Shotokan open karate course held in Jersey. The course proved to be a great success with 0ver 70 karateka and Instructors from several different jersey karate clubs.

2014 British karate association open championships Sensei Paul Goggin over 35 open kata 1st, Tim Skudder male over 35 kumite 2nd and Su-Zen-Kai kumite team 3rd.

2014 Introduced the first karate Olympics junior competition as part of the Sensei Peter Manning course.

2014 6th Dan achieved

2017-2019 Reality karate courses with Sensei Clive Temple Su Ha Ri, Sensei Ryan Lambotte Wado Ryu and Guest Sensei John Gardiner ranked world 5th in kata. Places at these courses were at such demand they became restricted to invite only.

2020 Covid-19. Sensei Pauls online dojo was born and the hard core crew came to life at outside dojo.

2021 7th Dan achieved.